Together the Massachusetts Housing Investment Corporation and Conservation Law Foundation bring a total of 36 years of experience working in the New England real estate market. Our team can pinpoint emerging market opportunities drawing on our combined knowledge of local neighborhoods, developers, and market dynamics.

Proven Fund

  • Raised over $2.6 billion for New England real estate projects. Currently manages $1.2 billion real estate portfolio.
  • Provided financing for 571 projects, representing more than 22,091 housing units and over 5.2 million square feet of commercial space.
  • Managed 23 multi-investor funds that have met or exceeded investor return expectations.

Communities Champion

  • Landmark agreement with
    Commonwealth of Massachusetts
    for a series of transit projects to mitigate air quality impacts from the "Big Dig."
  • Enforcement of transit commitments, in collaboration with local stakeholders, with timeline for extending and upgrading transit for under-served Boston communities.
  • Founding member of Transportation for Massachusetts, the Mystic River WatershedCollaborative, and the Massachusetts Smart Growth Alliance.
  • Sponsor of innovative social-impact investment funds.