"Neighborhood Development and Investment Strategies to Improve Health"

On Monday, October 31, Maggie Super Church, representing CLF Ventures, spoke at a standing room only session at the American Public Health Association’s (APHA) Annual Meeting in Denver. APHA’s theme for this year’s meeting was "Creating the Healthiest Nation: Ensuring the Right to Health." More than 12,000 people attended the conference.

In her presentation, titled “Neighborhood Development and Investment Strategies to Improve Health,” Maggie talked about how health outcomes are emerging as a critically important “fourth bottom line” for community investment.

Many factors, she said, are driving this growing interest: the explosion of health care costs; the scarcity of public support for affordable housing, transit, parks, and community facilities that contribute to the building blocks of healthy communities; and the alarming rise in obesity and chronic disease. These factors are focusing national attention on the built environment’s role in shaping health outcomes.

Even modest changes to the built environment can drive changes in health outcomes. Maggie explained how HNEF is designed to invest in high impact projects with potential to transform neighborhoods, strengthen community and environmental health, and promote regional equity while providing attractive returns for investors.

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