HNEF cited in U.S. News interview as example of a unique new way to finance building healthier communities

U.S. News & World Report recently published a wide-ranging interview with David J. Erickson, director of community development at the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, about how the Federal Reserve is working to advance community health through development. Entitled “Investment: An RX for Community Health,” and conducted by U.S. News editor for health initiatives Steve Sternberg, the interview focuses on how “The Federal Reserve and other major economic players are pushing cash-backed efforts to build healthier communities.”

Mr. Erickson talked about his work in leading a collaboration between the Federal Reserve and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation that brings together health and community development leaders from across the country through a series Healthy Communities Conferences, one of which was held in Boston in December 2018. At that conference, HNEF’s Maggie Super Church and Joe Flatley participated on a panel to discuss HNEF as an economic development lever for health.

In his interview with U.S. News, Mr. Erickson explained how the Healthy Communities meetings are raising consciousness, fostering cross-sector partnerships, and encouraging co-investments. He called HNEF one of his “favorite examples” of the community development and health sectors coming together to invest in the development of healthy communities. He also mentioned a blended fund created by LISC and ProMedica in Ohio, a loan fund created by Dignity Health, and several other creative efforts around the country.

Check out this interesting piece and read about what others are doing to promote better health outcomes for low-income people and communities by addressing the social determinants of health.