Sample Project: Chelsea Flats



  • 96 residential units
    (70 market rate/44 affordable)
  • New community park

Mitchell Properties

$24.5 million (TDC)

Neighborhood Conditions

Need for Investment

  • Greatest health disparities are in adult asthma (1.5x state rate), adult persistent sadness (1.75x City of Boston rate), and injuries and fatalities from traffic crashes per 1,000 population (2.3x and 2x state rate, respectively).
  • Poverty rate is 2x the state average and unemployment is 1.5x the state average. 
  • 100% of the neighborhood (20 out of 20 block groups) is a qualified Environmental Justice area.
  • Violent crime rate for the City of Chelsea is 4.6x higher than the state rate.

Opportunity for Impact

  • The Residential Planned Overlay District (RPOD) and state Housing Development Incentive Program (HDIP) designation encourage compact mixed-income development.
  • City has recently completed $3 million of new infrastructure improvements as part of overall plan for the Box District neighborhood.
  • A new urban ring station is being planned adjacent to the site with a designated at-grade crossing from the corner of the property.
  • Transportation mode share from home for public transit is 25.4%, bicycle is 0.99% and walking is 9.73%.



HealthScore: 73 = High Impact

All potential HNEF projects receive a HealthScore rating of 0-100, based on a weighted average of neighborhood and project screening criteria:

Project Impacts

Housing and Jobs

  • Housing for a diverse range of incomes: 70 market-rate units and 26 affordable units. 5 are priced for households earning 80% of Area Median Income (AMI), 16 at 60% AMI, and 5 at 30% AMI
  • 21% of the region’s jobs are accessible within a 45-minute transit commute.
  • Project is supporting 200 full- and part-time construction jobs.  

Walkability and Environmental Quality

  • State of Place (SoP) walkability index for the project area improved by 51.2% and SoP index for the neighborhood improved by 4%:
    • Largest gains were in Parks and Public Spaces, Pedestrian Amenities, Personal Safety, and Aesthetics.
  • Box District Park is providing a major new amenity for the neighborhood, which lacked green space (currently 0.2 acres per resident).
  • Clean up of formerly contaminated industrial site.
  • Solar panels on the roof will offset 10% of the annual common area electrical load.